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Mission & Vision

Vision: To be world's authority in helping our children become more productive and more effective.

Mission: One Education for all. To be able to provide a level playing field for all educational institutions, rural or urban to provide our children better infrastructure so that they can shape our society better.

Our Stats

Schools Onboard
No of Students
No of App Users
1000 Schools
500000 Students
100000 App Users

Meet Our Team


Mrs. Kamna Arun Tiwari Principal-SR Global School

I'm very pleased to be introduced with Schoollog. Schoollog is the most reliable, efficient and quick app. It helps us treat every parent royally. And from the School standpoint it is very intuitive, the app and portal is very Satisfying and Hassle free.

Dr. Piyush Sunda Director-Prince Education Hub

“All our school data is readily available on the go. Schoollog is a really easy-to-use product and their support and training team is excellent. We are happy with their services.”